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BDS falls in quarterfinals

The BDS Eagles fell to Creighton, 44-48, Tuesday night in what turned out to be an overturned touchdown in the final two minutes of the game.

The controversial pass from Ryan Tegtmeier to Michael Houchin from the eight-yard line on a fourth-and-goal situation was ruled a fair catch at first, but overturned by another official who called it incomplete. The touchdown would have given BDS the lead, but even after putting the stop on Creighton’s next drive, the Eagles sealed the loss when Tegtmeier threw into double coverage and Creighton’s Ryan Mitteis picked off the pass and ended the game.

The Eagles end their second season together on a 9-2 record. Creighton will move into the D-1 semifinals.

BDS used all of the fourth period to mount an attack against the Bulldogs who held the edge the entire game. At the top of the quarter, Creighton scored to reach a 48-36 point lead, but in the Eagle’s next possession, Tegtmeier hit Wyatt Schoenholz for a 25-yard touchdown pass. A successful two-point conversion pulled the Eagles to within four points of catching the Bulldogs.

BDS followed that by recovering an onside kick, but Creighton’s defense managed to hold them forcing them to punt. BDS returned the favor and in their next possession, Tegtmeier scored on a 65-yard run, but it was called back due to a penalty for an illegal block. The Eagles managed to drive to within eight yards of the goal setting up the overturned pass.

Junior Luke Christensen led BDS in scoring after running a couple of kickoff returns in the game; the first for 70 yards in the first period and the second for 65 yards in the third quarter. Wyatt Schoenholz also collected points for the Eagles on a 14-yard pass in the second quarter as did Ryan Tegtmeier on a 43-yard run in the next possession. Rounding out the BDS scoring was Kendrick Holeman on a 50-yard run in the third period.

Tegtmeier led in rushing; 149 yards on 20 carries, while Holeman had 62 yards on five rushes and Christensen had 17 yards on four carries. The team had 223 yards on 31 rushes while Crieghton had 347 yards on 60 rushes.

In passing, Tegtmeier was good for 125 yards on 12-of-23 tosses. In receiving, Schoenholz caught six passes for 86 yards while Holeman caught three passes for 26 yards. BDS had a total offense of 348 yards while Creighton had 454 yards. Creighton also had twice the first downs as BDS with 25 while the Eagles had only 12.

The Eagles, coached by Mark Rotter, Chris Ardissono and Scott Shipley, look to lose only four seniors to graduation including Omar Gines, Kendrick Holeman, Michael Houchin and Trevor Krehnke.

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