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City Council Considers Renter Inspection Ordinance

During their February meeting, the Hebron city council discussed the possibility of passing a rental house inspection ordinance.

The idea came from the Fairbury city council’s decision to start inspecting rental properties within the area.

“This is a big step,” said Joe Murray, a lawyer from Germer, Murray and Johnson who provides legal counsel at the city meetings. “This is a big deal if [the city] does it and it will impose quite a bit of responsibility on the property owners.”

According to the City of Fairbury’s website, inspectors look for “physical conditions and characteristics of which violate state and local building, housing and sanitation codes and ordinances and render them unfit or unsafe for human occupancy and habitation.”

The Hebron city office will send out a copy of the ordinance and letters notifying property owners in advance of when they will discuss and make their final decision regarding the ordinance. The advanced notice will give renters the opportunity to voice their support or concerns at the designated city council meeting.

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