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Davenport Community Foundation dedicates new park

New park benches, picnic tables, an American flag, newly planted grass and flowers greeted community members as they walked into the new Davenport Foundation Park.

Construction for the new park was completed in just a few short months and it is ready to be used. The first event held there was the dedication.

Many community members gathered on the newly placed pathway to watch as the Davenport Community Foundation members presented the Davenport Foundation Park.

“Downtown Davenport looks like something you’d see in a postcard,” said village board chairman Justin Trapp during the dedication.

The Davenport Community Foundation hoped to create a space that everyone could use while adding something to the downtown area in Davenport. In order to do  that, the foundation decided a new park would be perfect.

“The idea began about two years ago,” said Foundation vice president and treasurer Whitney Miller. “But we didn’t start putting it into action until this spring.”


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