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Deshler and Hebron Consider Educational Co-op

The Thayer Central and Deshler Public School board members have met to discuss the possibility of forming a co-op between the two facilities.

Members bounced around ideas such as conjoining on educational courses like agriculture, woodworking and welding classes. Even the suggestion of joining sports teams was thrown into the mix, though at this time, the schools will not be partaking in an athletic co-op.

“[However,] education was our main focus,” said Kurt Mumm, Thayer Central school board president. “We only discussed sports about 30 percent of the time.”

During the Thayer Central school board meeting, all Thayer Central school board members were in agreement that a co-op between Deshler and Hebron would be beneficial to the schools.

According to Drew Harris, Thayer Central superintendent, Deshler officials were mainly interested in sharing agriculture and industrial tech programs.

Titan students are already shuttled to Deshler for advanced welding classes during the school year.

The earliest the educational co-op could take place is the 2016-17 school year.

“We have no dates for the future set,” said Dr. Al Meier, Deshler superintendent. “We have to sit down and see what classes we’d be interested in doing.”

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