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Maybe a “White Christmas” After All

Last Thursday, southeast Nebraska received a light snowfall, the first since the county’s November sprinkling.

All in all, Nebraska has had a fairly mild winter with some days even peaking into the 50s. This is,

however, the Midwest, where weather is prone to change almost instantaneously. This Christmas, the area faces a 40% chance of rain and snow, a time when many people will be traveling for the holidays.

“Its supposed to be milder than last winter but that doesn’t mean much,” said Bill McPherson, the Thayer County Emergency Management director. “It’s important that people prepare their homes for winter weather.”

McPherson advises that everyone have an emergency supply kit in both their homes and vehicles.

Winter home kits include supplies such as a flashlight and batteries, extra food and water, first-aid supplies and even filling your bathtub for extra washing and flushing water.

Vehicle kits include a shovel, blankets, non-perishable food and extra clothing.

For a complete list of emergency supplies, visit fema.gov. For weather alerts, McPherson recommends signing up for a website such as alertsense.com.

McPherson’s final word of warning is this: “If weather looks bad, don’t take a chance.”

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