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He-Hi/TC Alumni Needs Addresses

He-Hi/TC Alumni Needs Addresses
The following addresses are incorrect or incomplete on the alumni database at Thayer County Bank.
Please forward any changes or corrections to:
He-Hi/Thayer Central Alumni, P. O. Box 109, Hebron, NE 68370 or email kfangmeier@thayercountybank.com or tfangmeier@thayercountybank.com
Women should include maiden name along with current name. Addresses needed are:
Kathy Knehans 1978, Matthew Koss 2005, Teresa Sorge Lunberry 1985, John Kyker 1967, Matthew Mayben 2003,
Donna Stairs McCowen 1988, Lori Worthington Lang 1978, James McGowen 1997, Chris McKnight 2003, David Minneman 1968,
Mike Roop 1991, Eugene Shellhorn 1967, Karla Smith 1967, Jeff Fangmeier 1978, James Harms 1971,
Shaun Hawk 1997, L. C. Graham, 1967, Bob Haney 1983, Shirrese Hansen 1989, David Gray 1973,
Michael Haney 1987, Steven Hansen 1988, Michelle Herder 1993, David Hoapili 1979, Jim Hoapili 1981,
Mike Howells 1966, Leanee Shadrick Jimeson 1984, Lee Hunter 2001, Clinton Jones 1995, Tina Wise Schmidt 1981,
Brent Vernon 1978, Scott Stairs 1970, Reva Anderson Stevens, 1965, Stacy Watkins 2006, Tom Zeek 1980, Candy Peterson Williams 1985.
None of the above graduates will receive the newsletter unless corrections are received.

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