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Hebron Fire Damages Garage, Camper, Boat and Pickup

The Hebron Volunteer Fire Department was called to a destructive, garage fire last Tuesday, July 28, on 8th Street and Union Avenue.

Emergency responders received the call around 6:15 p.m. after neighbors noticed the fire and reported it.

“We were lucky the wind wasn’t blowing the other way,” said Andrew Fangmeier, assistant fire chief.

Fangmeier reported lots of smoke from the contents and fiberglass burning.

“When there is a lot of synthetic stuff involved, we are sure to put our air packs on,” said Fangmeier.

All in all, a garage, camper, boat and pickup were damaged. All were a total loss.

As of the last follow-up by the Hebron Journal Register, the cause was still under investigation. Fangmeier stated that the fire marshal suspected it to be electrical, but did not have a set conclusion.

There were no injuries as a result of the fire.

“Our guys did a good job putting out that fire quickly,” said Fangmeier.

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