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Hog permit approved

The Thayer County Commissioners approved a permit for Pawnee Ridge to expand its number of animal units from 1,750 to 3,500.
The approval of the conditional use permit is pending Pawnee Ridge’s application with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.
The Thayer County Zoning and Planning Commission had  held a hearing March 10 to make a recommendation to the commissioners.
An Odor Footprint analyasis was reviewed at the meeting, but didn’t have an impact as the commission moved to approve the permit; however, the commission is recommending Pawnee Ridge fence its new composting facility to try and control predators.
Earlier, the county commissioners had been asked to consider the water needed for the facility.
While the commissioners understand the legitimate concerns, they do not regulate water, Commissioner Dave Bruning said.
It is the Natural Resource District that would regulate a new well, however, Pawnee Ridge’s well is thought to be under the limit of 50 gallons.
Bruning said the commissioners are not able to pass a resolution to restrict wells because Pawnee Ridge’s application is already in place.
“We would have had to do something before they applied,” Bruning said.
According to the application, Pawnee Ridge will add a gilt developer barn, gestation barn and 480 furrow crates.

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