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Kassebaum, Huber called the play-by-plays for Legion ball

Two generations were at the mic this summer for Hebron American Legion Post 180 baseball — Eldon Kassebaum and Cayden Huber.

Kassebaum has called local sports for decades as well as running the clock at football games. Huber, a senior at Thayer Central, began when he was a freshman — he called the final home basketball game that year. 

“We were playing Doniphan,” Huber said. Dakota Cherney was calling games then and Huber jokingly asked Cherney for a turn. 

At the last home game, Cherney answered. 

“It was known I was kind of a talker,” Huber, a former Woodmen Speech competitor and district and state finisher. 

His resume now includes calling Titan volleyball contests and Thunder Football. One of his goals is to announce dirt racing. 

Huber’s interest in broadcasting, a goal he plans to pursue, has a tie to Husker football and listening to commentator, Greg Sharpe, the “voice of the Huskers.”  

“The most powerful moment in a play is right after the play. The announcer made it sound so crisp and clear,” Huber said. “That’s how I picked up my radio.” 

As a kid in his yard, Huber had become his own announcer, running with the football and calling plays he made. 

For Legion ball, he called the junior games and Kassebaum took care of the seniors. 

“For me, it’s always easier to announce when Hebron is playing,” veteran announcer Kassebaum said.

For Huber’s first year calling baseball, he’s good, Kassebaum said. 

“He’s better than a lot of guys we’ve had up there. He taught me something,” Kassebaum said. Huber called the junior games, and stayed up in the booth while Kassebaum, who once called the game from a chair in the open air. 

“I did a game down there one time and they gave me a card table and chair on the roof. A storm was coming with lightning and thunder,” Kassebaum chuckled.

Huber’s time at the mic for the Legion district tournament was short-lived because he went on vacation, but not before he announced live on KFRS Superior. 

“I knew there was a lot on the line,” Huber said. “It was my first time. It was a lot of fun. I was nervous, but also ready.” 

He doesn’t know what the future will bring, but he wants to link his name to experience.