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Little Blue takes an all day tour

Joe Hergott, who has represented Thayer County on the Little Blue Natural Resources District board for 40 years, said a few ideas came out of the annual tour of the NRD June 20 that visited NRD recreation areas. Bruning Dam was included in the tour.

Along with Hergott, Alan Wiedel is also on the board to represent the county.  

“There needs to be more signage for the Bruning dam,” Hergott said. The dam has demonstrated its re-charging ability to the aquafir and now that Little Blue NRD has seen the benefit, the entity will try and build more structures. 

A firing range has been looked into for the Bruning Dam, which is not a recreational area. The Game and Parks Commission is overseeing the possibility of a firing range. 

Over at Lone Star NRD near Ohiowa, more hookups for recreational vehicles are consistently added, and at Crystal Springs in Fairbury, Hergott said a better variety of trees are needed at the entrance. 

Buckley Creek Resevoir was a stop, where the NRD has some work to do, Hergott said. 

“We get quite a few requests for camping there. The water is unique. It is volcanic ash and not good for fishing. 

The tour did make it a point to stop at the World’s Largest Covered Porch Swing in Hebron for a photo.