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Perfect weather allows riders to stay the course

Cooper poses for the camera as his rider, Pony Express Association member Todd Heinrichs, waits for the approaching mochilla in the 151st annual re-ride Friday morning. The switch took place at the Pony Express marker on Monument Road near Hebron. Approaching is Thayer County “trail boss” Richard Heinrichs riding in his 30th re-ride. Todd, son of Richard, is also riding in his 30th re-ride. Heinrichs said there were 22 riders to carry the 75-pound mochilla loaded with over 700 vignettes (parcels of mail) across the 32-mile stretch of Thayer County this year. The Pony Express trail runs 1,966 miles from St. Joseph, Mo., to Sacramento, Calif. The mail progresses across the country at 10-12 m.p.h. in the heat, up to 20 m.p.h. when it’s cooler. At the local Pony Express monument just off of U.S. 81 on Road Q, Thayer County Visitor’s Committee members served rolls and water supplied by Casey’s, Bruning Grocery, Central Market and Shell Food Mart.

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