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TCEDA Makes Annual Request

Voss provides positive leadership.

Typically, county-based entities submit progress reports when requesting operating funds from county officials. Such was the case last week when TCEDA (Thayer County Economic Development Association) turned in its request during the regular commissioner’s meeting Wednesday.

But, this time the request and progress report came with a word of caution – while TCEDA appreciates all help given by the county, more is needed if officials want to retain the services of TCEDA director Jeremy Voss.

“We will be out of funds in two months,” said TCEDA representative Deb Craig. “We cannot support Jeremy on membership dues only. We collected $35,950 in dues this year and while Jeremy has never turned in any mileage or bills for office supplies, we won’t have enough to pay him by October without some kind of assistance.”

Craig said Voss had been diligent about connecting with county businesses and mending fences left broken when the previous director left. “It takes time,” she said and added that Voss is currently being looked at by other entities in other states and if Thayer County wanted to stay competitive, something needed to be done. “You’ve got someone who is working hard for you,” she said.

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