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Thayer Central students begin ‘Operation Airlift’

Bill and Evonne Williams of Omaha helped send 135 Korean War Veterans to Washington D.C. in October, but they had to turn away 400 others who applied.

Now they hope to send the rest of the Korean War Veterans that applied, but they’ve asked for some help in fund raising. The trip is slated for March 25, 2014.

Two big donations totaling $290,000 were given in November, but Williams said in order to get a third plane to take all the veterans $100,000 more is needed. In order to do this, Williams came up with the idea for individuals or towns to “sponsor” a veteran to go on the trip and Thayer Central students decided to do just that.

The students and different student organizations are working together to send an area veteran on the trip. They call it “Operation Airlift.”

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