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Bulin part of Love Your Melon crew; honors Mostek

Nursing students at Bryan College of Health Sciences in Lincoln recently joined Love Your Melon on a mission to end pediatric cancer. Love Your Melon is an apparel brand that was started by two college students in 2012. It is dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America as well as supporting nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer.
Colleges across the country can organize campus crews to help raise awareness for childhood cancer, support children and families affected, represent the brand, and engage in charitable events.
On April 28, Love Your Melon celebrated Superhero Day, a day in which each campus crew gets the opportunity to go visit a child with cancer and spend some time with them, as well as present them with a Love Your Melon hat.
The Bryan College of Health Sciences Crew chose Aiden Mostek to be their first Superhero! Thayer Central graduate, Megan Bulin, is a member of this crew and knew that Aiden would be the perfect fit when trying to find their first Superhero. “Our president was taking suggestions for who could be our first Superhero and I immediately thought of Aiden. If no one in our crew suggested someone, we were just going to contact Children’s Hospital in Omaha to find a child, but I thought it would be more meaningful if we could honor someone that had a kind of connection to our group.”
The President of the group then contacted Aiden’s mom, Jennifer, to get everything set up. Aiden’s schedule matched up perfectly and he was scheduled to receive chemo in Omaha that day. Megan and eleven other crew members put on their superhero gear and Love Your Melon hats and headed to Omaha on Superhero Day to celebrate Aiden.
“We wanted to do something special for Aiden when we visited. We found out that Iron Man was Aiden’s favorite superhero, so we got a giant Iron Man cookie for him and also put together a small care package with small things to keep him busy while getting his treatments.”
The crew spent their time playing games and visiting with Aiden and Jennifer during their visit. They also believe they found Aiden’s new favorite game. “To make our visit a little more exciting, we played catch phrase on one girl’s phone and everyone was impressed with how smart Aiden is. Everyone had a lot of fun with this game, so much that a nurse had to come quiet us down.”
The Bryan College of Health Sciences Crew will continue to visit children and raise money for Love Your Melon, although the opportunity to go visit children and give them a hat depends on the number of credits towards their crew.
Love Your Melon started out just selling beanie hats in 2012, but have since grown to now offer more. Visit loveyourmelon.com to order your Love Your Melon gear and be sure to support Bryan College of Health Sciences during checkout to help them continue to support children like Aiden.
Or if you would like to make a direct monetary donation or have any questions, contact Megan Bulin. Also be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages: Bryan College of Health Sciences Love Your Melon Campus Crew.
Submitted by Megan Bulin

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