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Byron man sentenced on multiple burglaries

Timothy Brungardt, 20, Byron, was sentenced in district court Tuesday to three years of intensive probation and must complete the program at the McCook Work Ethic Camp. District Judge Vicky Johnson gave Brungardt concurrent  sentences on three separate cases including two felony burglary convictions and one felony criminal mischief conviction.

Concurrent sentences run at the same time.

In the first burglary case, Brungardt was found guilty of breaking into C&M Supply, Inc., in Deshler on May 5, and stealing beer and cigarettes. He received 24 months of probation and is to pay $1,000 in restitution as well as $120 in fees, plus transportation costs to the work ethic camp.

In the second burglary case, the Byron man was found guilty of breaking into Tillie’s Bar and Grill in Byron on July 15, and stealing cigarettes. He is sentenced to 36 months of probation and must pay $148.99 in costs for that case. No restitution was demanded.

And in the criminal mischief case, Brungardt is accused of causing damage to personal property on March 19, and received 36 months of probation and must pay restitution of $950.

Prior to sentencing, Judge Johnson told Brungardt that the pre-sentence investigation report indicated he was considered a high risk to re-offend which was unusual for someone his age. His lack of skills for employment, lack of education and reliance on family members to support him as a young adult would be answered at the work ethic camp.

Brungardt remained mute during the sentencing.

Judge Johnson sequestered him to the Thayer County jail until Nov. 22 when he is to be transported to the work camp.

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