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City Council raises sewer prices eight percent

Sewer prices are going up as the Hebron City Council voted to increase rates at the regular meeting Oct. 4. The board had been discussing the possibility of raising rates throughout the summer. Monday night, the board approved the new rate schedule. “The new increase reflects an eight percent increase across the board,” said interim mayor Larry Fangmeier. “The minimum monthly rate will increase from $7.50 to $8.10.”

According to Ordinance 820, sewer service fees within the city limits will be $4, while outside the city limits, the fee is $8. A surcharge of $1.18 for each 100 cubic feet of water or portion used during the base period will be assessed.
Income from the sewer service fees goes to the wastewater treatment facility operation and maintenance, a sewer sinking fund, and the general sewer fund.
In other business, Fangmeier notified the board that former council member “Bud” Ficken agreed to take on the task of building permit inspector for the City of Hebron. Although the job pays $25 per permit, Fangmeier said he didn’t think it covered the requirements of the duty properly, especially in regard to the enforcement of such permits. “I think we should allow $100 per month for enforcement in addition to the regular $25 per permit,” he said. The Council agreed, but will draw up and pass the new ordinance at next month’s meeting. The board, however, went ahead and approved the assignment of Ficken.
Hebron Volunteer Fire Department Chief B.J. Linton updated council members on new warning sirens. “This has been in the works for about two years,” he said. “We secured a grant from SENDD for new sirens, but Hebron will need to commit to 25 percent of the cost.” He explained that he was at the meeting Monday night to get the council’s approval for the commitment.
He noted that the grant was for $80,000 which would buy five new rotating sirens. “We only have one rotating siren now which is at the fire hall,” he said. “It was also recommended we move the siren by the school up to the water tower.” Linton is currently awaiting details of the sirens such as a map indicating coverage. As soon as he receives the coverage measurements, location of the new sirens will be determined. The new equipment will be installed sometime this spring and be up and running by October 2011.
Finally, City attorney Joe Murray advised the board it needed to determine five areas in Hebron as nuisances to get the ball rolling on cleanup. “Once you determine them to be public nuisances, we can get notice to them,” he said. “They can then request a hearing where you tell them why you think it is a nuisance and what you feel they need to do to clean it up, or they can simply clean it up.” The five properties are located at 740 Lincoln Ave.; 148 S. 10th St.; 415 N. 2nd St.; 340 S. 6th St; and 115 S 7th St. The Council okayed notification to the owners that the properties were considered nuisances.

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