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Community Building Meeting

The Hebron City Council will hold an informational meeting Monday, April 29, to discuss plans for an upcoming community center project.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the Hebron Activity Center.

The City was recently named as a beneficiary under the terms of the Jane Stastny Brinegar Revocable Trust established Oct. 26, 2005. At its April 1 meeting, the Council resolved to accept the inheritance and abide by the terms identified in the trust agreement.

The resolution states that the City of Hebron agrees to accept the trust distribution proceeds and “agrees to use all of said funds so received for the sole purpose of constructing and maintaining a Thayer County Community Center, located in the City of Hebron.”

The resolution states that the City also agreed that the community center “shall be used for the benefit of all residents of Thayer County so that all county residents will have access to a community center where they may meet, celebrate, and enjoy the company of others.”

Included in the resolution is that a memorial to Robert T. Stastny and Antonette Stastny be constructed with a picture of both prominently displayed and that the facility will be called “Stastny Community Center.”

Although a specific dollar amount has not been released, the Council, in earlier sessions, was told the inheritance would likely be around $2 million.

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