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School board reaches agreement with college

By Nancy McGill
Hebron Journal-Register

The Thayer Central Board of Education has a three-year lease agreement on the primary building with Southeast Community College. The college will use the building as one of its Learning Centers.
Three years was as long as the school, a public entity, could extend the lease by law.
“They’re just wanting to get in and get established,” Superintendent Drew Harris said. “SCC will bear the renovation costs.”
The college will pay $400 per month and the utilities during renovations, which are scheduled to begin in January. The center is aiming to start classes in the spring.
After renovations, the rent will increase to $1,200 per month with an annual increase of 2.5 percent.
For major repairs, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, the district would bear a portion of the cost and SCC, the first $4,000.
Harris said the district would pay half of the costs beyond the $4,000 and SCC would meet the other half.
“Both parties would have to agree it’s worth doing and the correct way to go,” Harris said about major repairs. “We would have some say in what repairs would be affected.”
In other business, the board opted for lettering on the new building’s facade. “Thayer Central Elementary” will be illuminated.
Harris said at first, they discussed a sign out front, but ultimately settled on the lettering for appearances.
Mike Prellwitz and Deb Craig served their final board meetings. Prellwitz was on the board for 16 years and Craig served eight years.
Harris said Prellwitz and Craig took on challenges such as personnel hearings, bond issues and construction, but have always maintained a positive attitude.
“They have always had a desire to provide the best for students in the district in a fiscally responsible manner.” Mike was also on the board during the Hebron, Chester Hubbell Byron consolidation,” Harris said. “Their efforts to ensure a high quality education for students in Thayer County are greatly appreciated.”
The new members to fill their seats are Rob Marsh and Tyler Tietjen.

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