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Four injured in three vehicle accident

A three vehicle accident sent four people to the hospital last Friday morning.

The Chester Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue responded to the accident located at the Highway 81 and Highway 8 junction near Chester. The Hebron Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue were also called to the scene.

According to the accident report, Jessie Payne of Hubbell was eastbound on Highway 8 in a 1976 Chevy pick up while Deyanne and Edward Valencia were northbound on Highway 81 in a 1999 Ford Windstar mini van. Edward stated that Payne didn’t stop at the stop sign and continued across the intersection where the Payne’s pickup struck Valencia’s van. Also stopped at the intersection was a semi and trailer driven by Jessie Fuller. When Payne’s pickup struck the van, it then spun and hit the semi. Payne said that he did not see the van when he entered the intersection.

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