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Generous Donation Made to City for Storm Recovery

The Hebron city council received an email from a former Hebron resident pledging financial assistance after hearing about damages that were sustained by those in the city.

“To the City of Hebron: My name is Laura Appleman. I grew up in Hebron. You may better know me as Laura Saathoff. My parents, who have lived in Hebron for many years, are Lorene Saathoff and the late Harry Saathoff, who once served on the city council, among other community organizations; both have been and are well known to many in Hebron. When I saw the impact of the flood that hit last week, and specifically to my mom’s home, I reached out to the company that I work for to see if there was anything that we could do to help. I called the city office and was provided Chris Fangmeier’s cell phone number. When I called him, Chris told me that he was grateful for the generosity. On behalf of KIK Custom Products – Classic Division, I confirmed this morning with Marcy in the city office that funds arrived to assist residents with any cleanup or where needed caused by the impact of the flood that struck Hebron last week. When I spoke with Chris last week, he also told me that he would be happy to let us know how the funds will be/are being used. KIK’s Classic Division manufactures retailer bleach and household cleaning private label brand products for the world’s largest retailers. Through its Pool Additives business, the Classic Division also offers retailer brand pool and spa product manufacturing on a national basis. We hope in light of the damage that was caused, that these funds will be used to help provide assistance to those who need it, being good stewards and wisely designating the funds. We hope that this will be helpful. Good luck with clean up and getting back to normal.”

KIK donated $5,000 to the city to be used for flood damage expenses.

“This money will offset expenses for the city Clean Up Day,” said Larry Fangmeier, council member.

Clean Up Day will be a day allowing people to drop off items at the roll offs that have been damaged by the flood or are no longer wanted. Specifications for what may be dropped off will be available in a later issue.

A date has not been set for Clean Up Day, but the council estimated that it will take place close to the start of school in August.

In other news, the council  awarded a $506,000 bid to General Excavating for waste water system improvements.

The project will include work on the 4th Street lift station.

Though the council acknowledged that the project was expensive, “we’re at this point where we need to get this done,” said Chris Fangmeier, city utilities superintendent.

The city has grant money it can use toward the engineering for the project.

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