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Governor Awards Thayer County with the Livestock Friendly Designation

Today, Governor Pete Ricketts announced that Thayer and Fillmore counties have become the newest counties in the state to become designated as Livestock Friendly Counties (LFC) through a program administered by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA).

“The Livestock Friendly County program showcases the dedication of our citizens to Grow Nebraska through the livestock industry that is so vital to our state,” said Gov. Ricketts. “Officials and residents of Thayer and Fillmore counties have taken all the extra steps necessary to assure prospective investors that they welcome the opportunity to expand the industry in their areas.”

Created in 2003 by the Nebraska Legislature, the LFC program is designed to recognize counties in the state that support the expansion of the livestock industry.

In 2014, livestock receipts in the state comprised over half of the $24 billion of Nebraska’s total on-farm receipts.

The LFC designation gives counties an extra promotional tool to encourage expansion of current livestock operations and attract new businesses that spur local economies.

“Expanding the livestock industry has a very positive multiplier effect to the economies of these counties,” said NDA Director Greg Ibach, “The demand for feed grains, supplies, and retail purchases all increase as livestock operations begin or expand.”

With the addition of Thayer and Fillmore Counties, there are now 32 counties designated as Livestock Friendly through the state program.

Counties wishing to apply for the LFC designation must hold a public hearing and the county board must pass a resolution to apply for the designation. Then a completed application must be submitted to NDA. Local producers or groups can encourage county officials to apply.

Additional information about the Livestock Friendly County program is available on the NDA website at www.nda.nebraska.gov or by calling 800-422-6692.

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