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Local Construction Projects Make Progress Around County

Now that the spring weather has dipped into the sixties and seventies, construction projects are making headway all around. The following is a compiled list of several local construction sites currently in progress.

Region V Services: Region V Services,  a community based provider that supports individuals with developmental disabilities, is constructing a new building in Hebron on 2nd Street and Olive Avenue.

A ground-breaking ceremony was held in September of 2014.

“It’ll be more spacious and roomy,” said Tammy Hinrichs, area director for Region V Services. “We need more room, handicap access and a parking lot.”

Though the building was originally scheduled to be finished at the beginning of March, Hinrichs said they now hope for it to be finished sometime this fall.

Region V services include employment services, job coaching, school contracts, among many others.

Cording Organ Company: An organ tuning shop is being built north of the Thayer County Bank.

The store will perform pipe organ tuning, repair and construction.

According to Dave Cording, owner, the projected plan is to be finished early to mid-summer.

Cording installed his first organ in 1986 and has been working on them since. Because organ tuning is a unique business, Cording has traveled to places such as Altoona, Pa., San Marcos, Texas and even Honolulu.

Currently workers are finishing the roof.

“It is possible to have an organ pipe that is 18 feet so the building is tall,” said Cording.

With this spacious area, Cording will be able to set up and move long organ pipes. He will also use the building as a woodworking shop as well as a space for releathering and revoicing – the process to get the pipes to sound the way they want.

The front building, which is already constructed, was built in 1930 and was the original telephone building.

Construction for the back end of the shop was started around January.

Roehr’s Machinery Inc.: Roehr’s Machinery Inc. is relocating from their business in Hebron to a new building on U.S. Highway 81 and Monument Road. According to   Matt Beals, general manager, the

construction, which began last November, is set to finish May 11.

“Our business has just grown in the last two years,” said Beals. “We need more room.”

“We’ve pretty much tripled in parts,” said Andy Novotny, parts manager.

The business is expanding to service residential homeowners, not just their usual agricultural customers. The new building will include an indoor showroom and over 20,000 square feet of space so there

will be plenty of room to store customers’ equipment indoors.

The Hebron location has been a satellite store for the last eight years.

Stasny Community Center: The construction of the Stasny Community Center began last fall and is set to be completed July 10, according to Chris Fangmeier, Hebron city utilities superintendant.

“Right now they are working on the roofing, plumbing, and electrical and finishing up framing,” said Fangmeier. “Soon they will start sheet rocking.”

The project was awarded to Chief Construction, Inc., of Grand Island back in July 2014 for $1,779,000.

The city council estimated that booking for the facility will not begin until September.

Dove Road: As part of the construction of the community center, the entrance into Dove Road from U.S. Highway 81 is also being altered.

To adjust to the amount of traffic the entrance/exit receives for Subway, Sinclair and now the up-and-coming community center, the road is being widened.

“So far they have poured wider turning radiuses,” said Fangmeier.

There will be a center turn lane to turn into Subway, Sinclair and the community center.

Constructors Inc., of Lincoln, was awarded the project last fall at a bid of $166,180.

According to Fangmeier, the road is estimated to be completed in two to three weeks.

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