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Thayer Central State Class B Champion for Yearbook Layout

After the Class B NSAA State Journalism Championship, Thayer Central yearbook students found themselves ranked number one for yearbook layout.

“The competition was fierce since we were competing against schools in Omaha with full-blown journalism programs,” said Steph Lanik, the Titan yearbook advisor. “The girls did awesome. They took the challenge head-on and practiced for a couple weeks prior and researched the principles of design and photography.  They really let their talent speak for itself and I’m proud of all of them. The best part was seeing the championship podium for Yearbook Layout Design with half the students on it representing Thayer Central. Brinley Linton taking a state championship in that event highlighted her skill and was impressive.”

Brinley Linton, junior, took first place, sweeping 20 points for Thayer Central. McCall Madsen, senior, followed up in third place with 16 points and Haley Huhman, senior, in fourth place with 14 points.

“I didn’t exactly know what state was going to be like, but it turned out to be really fun,” said Linton. “I was worried I would forget how to make a layout at competition but thanks to McCall [Madsen] and Haley [Huhman] they taught me a few more things the night before.”

Madsen also scored in sports action photography in fifth place with 12 points as well as eighth place in yearbook feature writing. Huhman also garnered attention for her sports action photography and took eighth place.

In all, the Titan yearbook team accumulated 62 points, ranking 11th place overall in the Class B championship.

The yearbook staff includes McCall Madsen, editor, Haley Huhman, photo editor, Brinley Linton, Cassie Beeman, Cheyanna Tietjen and Robert Dodes.

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