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PHSD Working To Educate Public On Importance Of Flu Shots

Protect the ones you love. That is the slogan that Public Health Solutions District Health Department hopes you hear quite often this flu season. They are working hard to educate everyone on the importance of getting an annual flu shot.
Getting immunized not only protects the person getting the shot but also helps protect those who are around them: families and friends. While a healthy child or adult with influenza may only get sick for a couple days, the risk of them spreading the flu to an elderly relative such as grandma or grandpa or a baby is great. Older people and babies are at a higher risk for complications and death as a result of the flu.
Flu shots are available in many community settings. If you need to find a location to get your immunization, Public Health Solutions (PHS) maintains a list of those giving the vaccine on their website www.phsneb.org or you can simply call the Public Health Solutions office, 1-888- 310- 0565.
In addition, special clinics have again been scheduled in 39 participating schools in Saline, Gage, Fillmore, Jefferson, and Thayer counties. The SKIP Flu Program (School Kids Immunization Program) is in its sixth year of operation and is a collaborative effort of the PHS Board of Health, the schools, County boards and communities. Immunizations are provided without extra cost to individuals with a Medicaid or health insurance card.
Through the support of the county boards, individuals who have no health coverage and are unable to pay are already covered under the program. Parents are encouraged to find the date of the scheduled clinic at their child’s school and complete the parent authorization form in advance of the clinic. Unless the parent or guardian indicates otherwise or unless there are contraindications, all children will receive the flu mist, avoiding the injection.
Through the SKIP Flu program the flu immunization rates among school children is almost three times greater than that in other areas of the state. This year Public Health Solutions is trying to increase this rate through a special promotion program supported by Nebraska Medicaid managed care plans: Arbor Health, Coventry Cares, and United Healthcare Community Plan.
Call Public Health Solutions at 1-888-310-0565 if you need more information or have questions.
M. Jane Ford
Health Director

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