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Public Informational Meeting Scheduled On Dam

As Nebraskans, we recognize the value that water plays in sustaining life and our agricultural economy. The Little Blue Natural Resources District continues to examine projects and programs which capture the water which falls in the District and conserve our valuable water resources for the future.
Last fall, the Little Blue NRD Board of Directors authorized the re-evaluation of a project envisioned over 30 years ago in the northwest corner of Thayer, two miles north of Davenport. The project was identified in the original Master Plan of Surface Water Development of the Big Sandy Creek Watershed.
The reconnaissance level investigation of the proposed dam is intended to evaluate the conceptual design and, based on the current values attributed to land and water, determine if the project is physically, economically, and environmentally justifiable. Public interest and/or concerns are also a valuable part of the evaluation process.
The firms of FYRA and Schemmer Associates provided a status report on their investigations to the Little Blue NRD Board at their May 14 meeting. The overview provided information on the design criteria considered, structural features, and the anticipated costs and benefits of the project.
They also provided two potential scenarios: one, a smaller structure which would provide only flood control and recharge benefits, the other, a larger structure which could incorporate recreation opportunities. It was the opinion of the engineers that the project could be feasible under either scenario.
The Little Blue NRD will host a public information meeting Wednesday evening, May 29 beginning at 7:30 p.m., at the Davenport Community Center to present information from the study, discuss potential dam development and provide opportunity for public feedback. The public is welcome to attend.

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