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Scouts flag project grows

Hebron Boy Scouts will bring you a flag on four different holidays, install it, collect it at day’s end, and maintain its condition until the next holiday as part of a fundraiser. All you need to do is contact Scout leaders Roger Virus (402-768-3581) or Chuck Fink (402-200-0142). “For $30 a year we’ll bring you a flag on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day,” Fink said. “We’ll install the pvc pipe holder in your lawn, then place the flag the morning of the holiday and take it down in the evening and store it until the next holiday.” Fink said the idea came from an annual round table meeting of Scout leaders. On Flag Day, this last Saturday, the Scouts installed 65 flags throughout Hebron. “The City donated $1,000 to our project to help us get started,” Fink added. “Rich Koch donated the pvc pipe.” The Scouts are raising funds to go to a boy scout camp of their choice.

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