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Sex Offender Registry

The Nebraska Sex Offender Registry keeps an official list of persons who have been convicted of sex crimes in Nebraska. This information is provided to the public to protect members of the public from potential harm. The registry can be accessed at www.nsp.state.ne.us.

Currently there are five registrants living in Thayer County and one who has absconded. Their names, duration of requirement on registry and convictions are listed below in alphabetical order:

Cording, David E., 60, 416 Eads Ave., Hebron, Lifetime: convicted October 24, 2002 for sexual battery in Saline County, Kansas; convicted February 2, 2011 for third degree sexual assault in Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Gray, Brian J., 27, 915 Church St., Chester, 25 years: convicted April 3, 2002 for unlawful voluntary sexual relations and intercourse with a minor in Republic County, Kansas.

McCormack, Amanda S., 30, Absconded, Lifetime: convicted May 19, 2004 for indecency with a child in Waco, Texas.

Patterson, Christopher J., 31, 849 S. 4th St., Hebron, Lifetime: convicted May 17, 2001 for attempted second degree sexual assault of a minor in Jefferson County, Nebraska.

Staley, Karry L., 37, 608 Church Ave., Chester, 25 years: convicted December 7, 2004 for sexual assault of a child in Gage County, Nebraska.

Svoboda, David B., 37, 504 Johnson St., Hubbell, Lifetime: convicted January 9, 2004 for aggravated indecent solicitation of a child in Republic County, Kansas.

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