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Hebron man sentenced to work ethic camp

Levi Templin, 20, of Hebron, will head to the McCook Work Ethic Camp this Monday after being sentenced there today in district court. Templin was found guilty of felony burglary Oct. 14, 2010.

The conviction stems from an incident in May 2010 when Templin and another individual broke into C&M Supply, Inc., in Deshler and stole beer and cigarettes valued at $2,700. In the sentencing Thursday morning, Judge Vicky Johnson also told him he owed the company $1,000 in restitution.

During sentencing, Thayer County prosecutor Dan Werner said he had agreed to a probationary sentence although reservedly so. “If he wants to try to turn his life around, he needs to do it now,” he said. “There is a big, big hammer waiting for him if he doesn’t make it this time.”

Templin remained mute, but his attorney, Heath Stewart, said Levi was trying to straighten his life out, that he would make restitution, had the opportunity to go to work and had attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Judge Johnson said Templin’s significant juvenile record and two currently outstanding charges gave her concern in regard to a sentence of probation. “You were a much better candidate for probation before I found out about the probation revocation charge in Lancaster County and the possession charge in Fillmore County,” she said. Then added that the fact Templin was charged for possession in Fillmore County after being charged with burglary here led her to believe he wasn’t trying as hard to turn his life around as his attorney was suggesting.

She also said his pre-sentence investigation indicated he was a high risk to offend again. “It’s time you took responsibility for yourself,” she said and with that sentenced him to 36 months of intensive probation including the work camp and restitution. He will be housed in the Thayer County jail until Monday, Feb. 7, when he will be transported to McCook.

The Work Ethic Camp (WEC) provides a structured and regimented 180-day, five-phase program for offenders and inmates on or approaching probation. The camp works in partnership with probation and parole administrations to reduce recidivism through offender behavioral change assisting offenders back into the community under close supervision.

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