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Thayer Central Beefs Up Security

Thayer Central Schools is working to install a new security system at the high school, intermediate and primary buildings.

A number of intercom systems and card readers are being placed at various entrances of each building.

“We chose this system so if we need to go in to lockdown mode, we can push a button and go into lockdown in a few seconds if we need to,” said Drew Harris, superintendent.

The high school will have intercoms at a north and south entrance and a card reader at another north entrance.

The intermediate school will have intercoms on east and south entrances and a card reader at the west entrance.

The primary school will have an intercom on the north entrance and card readers at the south and west entrances.

Entrances without intercoms or card readers will be monitored.

In the future, visitors will have to buzz in with the intercom to enter the school.

All staff will require ID cards to get into the buildings.

“This is our starting point. It’s like anything else: you test it out to see how it works and adjust as needed,” said Harris. “This will be evolving over the next year or two. Unfortunately, this is a day and age where we need this type of security.”

At this point, the hardware has been installed in all buildings except for the primary school.

The goal is to have all the hardware installed by Jan. 5 and to implement the system on Jan. 13.

“It’s going to be a learning process but it’s the safety factor we’re after,” said Harris.

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