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Theater group to perform

The Thayer County Community Theater Group will perform, “Death of A Hot Sauce Salesman,” by Michael Druce, Jan. 24-26 with showtimes at 7 p.m. The doors open at 6 p.m.
The production is a comediac murder-mystery with audience participation and includes dinner. For reservations, call 402-768-3032.
Actors and actresses are Lynne Mesloh as Sassy; Lucy Wegener as Pepper Devine; Andrew Vrbka as Fester N. Boyle; Heather Ramsey as Shiloh Devereaux; Clayton Hintz as Brick Tarmac; Lary Holtzen as Magnolia DuKane; Kathleen Philippi as Sue Rae (Momma) DuKane; John Noojin as W.C. (Daddy) DuKane; Tony Norder as Juan; John Lange as Prescott Knight; Lorene Culler as Helen Knight; and Paul Philippi as Judge Titus A. Drumm.
The setting is summer in the present day in the dining room on Terra Firma, the Knight family estate somewhere in the south.
Prescott Knight, owner of the Hot Knights Genuine Pepper Sauce empire, discovers on the morning of the annual Knight family barbecue that someone is trying to kill him.
A family meeting has been hastily arranged, and Prescott announces he is changing his will so the recipe for Hot Knights will pass into the right hands.
The suspects are his family, attorney, housekeeper and gardener.
The audience will receive clue packets to help with the mystery.
The Thayer County Community Theater Group has roots dating back to December of 1962 when it performed its first one-act comedy, “Assorted Ladies in a Jam.”
The group was organized by the Cultural Arts Committee of the P.T.A. Ben Sinn was the first director.  
Tickets were 25 cents for students and 50 cents for adults. Proceeds went toward giving the group a financial beginning for the next production.

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