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Upcoming deadline for new filers

The deadline for new filers for all county offices, cities and class III schools will be Monday, March 3 at 4:30 p.m. The deadline for incumbents to file has passed.

According to Thayer County Clerk, Marie Rauner, the following have filed as of Friday morning.

For county offices, incumbents who have filed include: Dave Bruning and Dean Krueger for County Commissioners, Marie Rauner for County Clerk, Karen Prellwitz for County Treasurer, Karla Joe for County Assessor, Stacey McLaughlin for Clerk of District Court, David Lee for County Sheriff and Daniel Werner for County Attorney.

For Hebron, Shane Day has refiled for mayor. Also refiling for city council positions were Rich Koch for Ward I and Robert Dodes for Ward III. No one has filed for Ward II as of Friday.

For the Deshler, Naomi Grupe has filed for mayor.

The Deshler School Board has had three file including: John Noojin, Ryan Buescher and Brendan Schardt.

For the Thayer Central School Board, Nate Casey and Rick Hintz have refiled. New filers include Tim Hartley and Brad Cooper. There are three vacancies.

The deadline for those wanting to file for village offices will be July 15 for incumbents and August 1 for new filers.

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