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Valuation notices coming soon

The County Assessor’s office is in the process of preparing valuation notices to be sent to all property owners whose taxable value has changed. Notices will be mailed on or before June 1.  “Please review your notice,” suggests Thayer County Assessor Karla Joe. “It is the goal of our office to have all the information as correct as possible.”

Joe added that due to increases in the market of agricultural land, the office has made substantial adjustments in value to all the land class groups. Nebraska real property regulation 10-002.01B requires that agricultural land be valued at 75 percent of market, she said.  “These increases were necessary to maintain an acceptable level of value (69 to 75 percent).

“Check the acres of dry, irrigated, grass, etc., printed on your valuation notice and if you have concerns regarding the acres, please contact our office before June 30.”
If a correction needs to be made to the land use, the Thayer County Assessor will need the FSA certification and map to make the changes.
Also, Joe added, value increases were made to some residential assessor locations. The increases are primarily due to a reduction in the economic depreciation; this indicates that the market in that assessor location has improved. Nebraska real property regulation 10-002.01A requires that residential land be valued at 100 percent of market, therefore increases were made to maintain an acceptable level of value (93 to 100 percent.)

Currently the level of value in Thayer County is as follows:  agricultural–72 percent; residential – 97 percent; commercial – N/A.

“In an ongoing effort to keep records current and to comply with Nebraska Statute 77-1311.03, we will be conducting on-site reviews in Deshler, Byron and Hubbell, both commercial and residential parcels, during the summer months in 2014,” Joe said. “New rural aerials have been taken and office staff will be reviewing them as well for changes.”


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