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Village remains on boil status

Hubbell went into boil status May 23 and hasn’t come out of the pot since. 

According to state water specialist Bob Byrkit, who inspects public water supply in 11 counties, including Thayer, Hubbell’s system had a loss in pressure and could have pulled coliform in. 

The boil status is a recommended precaution when systems lose pressure, then samples are required. The village found coliform levels. 

Village clerk, Edith Laue said a new well went in about the same time they lost pressure as a pipe broke. 

She said they can’t seem to rid the system of coliform, but it is getting better. 

“The tests are getting better and we just have to be down to zero,” Laue said. 

The village is doing the sampling, Byrkit said, and E-coli is not an issue. 

“They have not hit 10 clear samples,” Byrkit said of the required tests of two sets of five samples over two days.

Tammy Taylor of The Acreage in Hubbell said they don’t boil unless they run low on water brought in from outside sources. 

She said they boil the water they cook with anyway, and while the restaurant hasn’t experienced hardship with the boil status, it sure is inconvenient. 

“I thought they had it fixed. They were in the process of trying to get it fixed,” Taylor said. 

In the village minutes, published Sept. 25, billing for metered water was delayed by the board pending negative tests. 

Village chair, Sherry Yacks, could not be reached for comment.