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Airport installs new tank

A 5,000-gallon split fuel tank with Jet A (1,000 gallons) and 100LL (4,000 gallons low lead)  has been installed at the Hebron Airport and accepts credit cards.
Bill Linton, president of the Hebron Airport Authority, said Jet A will service agricultural aircraft turbine engines and medivac aircraft. The airport is home to three ag operations — Jerry’s Low Level Spraying, Inc., Aurora Cooperative and Rotorwings Aviation.  
The new tank will be accessible for fueling Nov. 3. Construction began Oct. 1 with Acterra Group out of Marion, Iowa, securing the bid.  
It will place Hebron ahead of other airports, especially with the split tank, Linton said.
“Some airports have an add-on credit card stystem. They added on to their old pumps. We are lucky we got new pumps,” he said.
Linton said the airport’s former fuel tank was rejected about a year ago because of regulations and was costly in maintenance. It also required someone to pump the fuel.
Airport authority board members have taken on fueling, mowing, spraying and filling holes on the property. The members are Linton, Marlow Huber, Joe Hergott, Sr., Jay Huhman and Cory Clark.   
The airport authority started the grant fuel project over five years ago and was approved last year for Federal Aviation Administration and Nebraska Department of Aeronautics funds with a 90-cent match on every dime.
Steve Bateman, former authority board member, was instrumental in helping the airport secure grant funds, Linton said.
“He went to Lincoln and sat in on all the meetings. It improved our odds in getting grants,” Linton explained.
Bateman was active in airport operations and provided aircraft services through his own business, Chocks Away Aviation. He is now flying for airline owners and a pilot’s association out of Maryland. Bateman also provides assistance in developing flying clubs and speaks at seminars.
Roughly, the grants will pay $252,000 for the split tank. Local airport authority cost is $28,000.
The Hebron airport qualified for a second grant — the Taxiway and Apron project with M.E. Collins Contracting Co., Inc., out of Wahoo, securing the bid for concrete work at the airport and hangars to begin in the spring.  
Federal funds for the concrete project will be approximately $632,000. Local airport authority cost is about $70,000.

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