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Belleville man faces charges of burglary and theft in crimes three years old

Three counts of burglary and three counts of theft were filed against a Belleville, Kan., man this month in connection with crimes he allegedly committed three years ago.

Clinton L. Edwards, 22, of Belleville, is accused of breaking into and stealing cash from the Sundowner Bar and Grill in Chester on  January 1, 2, and 31 of 2010.

Working with another individual whose case remains sealed, Edwards is alleged to have broken into the establishment through the ventilation system twice and through a glass door leading from the garden area once. In all three instances Edwards took cash amounting to approximately $3,700 from a safe and alcohol from the bar located inside the establishment.

According to a sheriff’s report, an alarm was sounded in each instance, but the alarm was tampered with at the bar as telephone wires were pulled away from the telephone box.

Video taken from the Sundowner shows the movements of the two men inside the establishment. The Sundowner sets on U.S 81 on the northern outskirts of Chester.

Edwards is being represented by public defender Julie Effenbeck and is not in jail after posting ten percent of a $10,000 bond.

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