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Byron Library Moves to Community Center

The Byron library can soon be found at the newly constructed community center due to issues the former building was having.

According to library board members, the library roof was leaking. They had tried fixing the leaks, but to no avail. Therefore, it was decided to move the collection over to the new facility.

However, when the library books were inspected, many of the them had ended up with mold. The library was only able to save 15 percent of them.

Now, they are working on a project to bring in more books.

“We’re basically building our library from scratch,” said Laveta Wit, library board member. “There is a need for all ages of books, but the focus right now is for younger children.”

The project is similar to Angel Tree: three trees will hold ornaments with children’s book titles. To come up with these titles, the board asked local teachers to recommend books. There are 200 titles total.

The board chose to focus on children’s books first because they felt it was important for local children to have access to lots of reading material.

“It’s important that you read to children,” said Wit. “That way you’re having one-on-one time and enlarging their imagination.”

The trees will be located in the Byron Bank, Heitmann’s Corner Market and Snip and Clip.

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