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Davenport women launch clothing exchange

When Crystal Bauer lived in Montana, thrift stores seemed to be getting more and more expensive and with growing kids it was hard to keep up. To help with expenses, Bauer decided to start a clothing exchange.

“I knew this would help not only us but a lot of other families too,” Bauer said. “So I asked some other moms that I knew and they loved the idea.”

It started out in her garage and took off from there. After two years of running the clothing exchange in Montana, she decided to try it again when the family moved to Davenport. Despite a slow start in June, Bauer says the word is getting around  and more families are taking advantage of the clothing exchange.

The Davenport clothing exchange is set up in her garage. With the help of Sandy Meyer and Clarrice Grone, the women try to open up Bauer’s garage two times a month. They don’t have set dates as of right now, but appointments can be made outside of the two times. Despite the name, the clothing exchange offers more than just clothes.

“We have toys, shoes, cribs,” she said. “About anything you can think of for kids, we have here.”

Along with items for kids, the clothing exchange also offers maternity and women’s clothing.

Donations are welcome at any time. The clothing exchange is located at the intersection of Linden Avenue and 6th Street in Davenport.

There is no limit on the amount of items families can take, because all are free and the idea behind the clothing exchange is to help.

“It’s not just for people in need,” she said. “It is open to everyone who wants to be involved.”

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