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Deshler clinic respiratory site

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Thayer County Health Services has created a specialized Respiratory Clinic at the Deshler Medical Clinic to care for patients. 

Suspected COVID-19 patients will continue to be directed to the Emergency Room entrance at the hospital in Hebron. 

All patients with a respiratory symptom such as cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat are asked to please call ahead to 402-768-7203 and schedule an appointment before coming in. 

Based on a patient’s symptoms, the patient may be rerouted to the Respiratory Clinic in Deshler, the Emergency Room in Hebron, or our Hebron Medical Clinic at the hospital.

The hours for the Respiratory Clinic are 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday. Patients are recommended to come alone to  appointments unless they need assistance. One parent is recommended for children who have appointments.

To ensure the safety of staff and patients, screenings will also be conducted at the Respiratory Clinic in Deshler.

In order to keep Hebron Medical Clinic a “clean zone,” patients are screened at the front door of the hospital.

From the TCHS most recent update:  

“We are encouraging patients to utilize the Hebron Medical Clinic for problem visits, well-child visits, CDL physicals, school physicals, immunizations, injections, etc. Our clinic services are still open to all who need them; please do not be afraid to reach out to us; we are here to serve you and provide you with care.” 

For emergencies after-hours, patients can still reach the Thayer County Health Services Emergency Room (ER) by calling the Nurse’s Station at 402-768-4615.

Public Health Solutions

For the most up-to-date information in Nebraska concerning the virus, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services is listing current COVID-19 case counts, the number of tests performed by county, negative and positive, the DHHS information line and Directed Health Measures identified by the governor. The numbers are updated twice a day. 

If and when there is a lab-confirmed positive case in the PHS district, a press release will be immediately issued. County emergency managers are also notified.

Thayer County 

Sheriff’s Office

On March 19, the sheriff’s office implemented the following steps: 

•No public access to the sheriff’s office. The lobby is closed; 

•Motor vehicle title inspections are suspended;

•Applications for Permit to Purchase Firearms are suspended; and 

•Inmate visitation is suspended. 

Deputies have been advised to limit their interactions and contact with the public. Calls for service will be handled by telephone if possible, and they are distancing themselves from the public on physical calls as well as from co-workers in the sheriff’s office. 

When it is necessary for officers to physically answer calls, callers will be asked questions in relation to COVID-19. 

Deputies may use personal protective equipment, and may ask callers to speak outside in an open area to maintain safe distances.

The sheriff’s department is available for non-emergency questions at 402-768-6139.  

Thayer County 

Road Department 

Road superintendent Roger Hofts updated the Thayer County Commissioners on projects and what the department is doing for COVID-19 prevention. 

Hofts said the road department has 10 people in the shop with the blade operators working outside by their machines. 

“There isn’t a lot of guidance. When the courthouse closed, I did the same thing with the county phone number outside the door for people to call,” Hofts said. 

He’s wary of vendors because of all the different places they visit, and people with the virus may not show symptoms until it’s too late.  

“We can be as safe as we can, but you don’t know what people did over the weekend or when they went home,” Hofts said.

“We just have to fall back on common sense when we don’t have direction,” commissioner Dave Bruning said. “It only takes one person to start infecting everyone.”