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General Election Follow-Up

Last week for the general election, several elected officials were not listed by name in the results. The following is a list of those officials left out of last week’s results.
For the Chester Village Board, Todd Heinrichs and Don Wassom will serve.

For the Carleton Village Board, Bob Kekendahl will serve as the third elected official.

For the Byron Village Board, Debbie Gaub will serve as the third elected official.

For the Alexandria Village Board, Angela Erickson will serve as the second elected official.

For the Hebron Municipal Airport, Andrew Fangmeier and Joseph Hergott will serve as elected officials.

For the Hebron City Council Ward 2, Larry Fangmeier will served as the elected official.

For the Bruning School Board, Katrina Ozenbaugh will served as the third elected official.

The commissioners will appoint someone in December for county surveyor.

The State will determine the Little Blue NRD Board of Directors official for Subdistrict 3.

Hubbell Village Board ballots will need to be recounted, according to the Thayer County Clerk office.

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