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Harvest Ticks Along

Norder Agri Supply manager Larry Seaman said both the bean and corn harvests are about three-quarters done, in fact, he expects the corn harvest to be finished by the first of next week. “We’re about three weeks ahead of schedule,” he said, and added that dryland yields were better than expected while irrigated yields have been very good. For dryland beans, yields ran anywhere from 20-40 bushels per acre, while dryland corn ranged anywhere from 85-90 bushels per acre. “We were fortunate in this area because we caught some timely rain,” Seaman said. Expected yields for dryland beans runs around 25 bushels, while corn is about 75 bushels. Irrigated beans were yielding 60-80 bushels while irrigated corn was yielding over 200 bushels per acre, which was very good, Seaman said. Pictured above: Ray Bonin (in combine) and Derek Farnstrom of Hebron harvest beans Monday afternoon.

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