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Local Towns Celebrate Memorial Day

A crowd of about 800 people gathered Monday morning for the Hebron Memorial Day Service held at the Thayer County Courthouse.

This year, event organizers went above and beyond their usual planned service and brought  in Civil War reenactors and held a short parade consisting of drummer boys, the color guard and American Legion.

Speeches were made by General Grant, Abraham Lincoln and Lyle Bucholzer, event organizer, regarding the Civil War and Nebraska’s participation in the war.

The high school singing group and Sacred Chorale also performed at the event by singing patriotic songs such as Battle Hymn of the Republic and the national anthem.

Pictured: Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln (played by nationally traveled reenactors Fred and Bonnie Priebe) stand with General Grant (played by Doug Rung, local reenactor and head of Geneva Historical Society) at the Rose Hill Cemetery in Hebron.

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