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Locals win state fair awards

Several locals representing Thayer County vied for state ribbons and awards in many of the annual open class contests offered at the 2011 Nebraska State Fair.

Lucky Stradley of Hubbell, collected eight top awards in Fine Arts this year including being named the division winner in wheel thrown clay. The artist earned a first, second and third in this category, as well as two firsts and a third in clay-combined technique. Stradley also collected second and third place awards in the crafts division for gourds.

Staying in southern Thayer County, Chester was also very well represented this year as resident artist, Cindy Chinn collected several awards in Fine Arts including being the division winner in the animal category for painting. She was also first in the best paintings and drawings division, first in landscape painting, second for a painted Nebraska scene and second in fabricated sculpture using mixed media.

Art Whitton, also of Chester, earned awards in photography including a first place in the nightscapes/skyscapes division and a second in the living creatures division.

And finally Chester’s Lana Gillett earned three awards in textile arts, specifically a first and two seconds for knitted afghans.

Four individuals representing the Carleton area this year earned awards including Brian Schardt with a first place award for leather work, and Blake and Cale Schardt with fourth and fifth place wins, respectively, for textile arts, articles made with the help of an adult. And rounding out the Carleton wins was five-year-old Stormi Copek who finished second in the kids pedal tractor pull contest in her division.

Taylor Sieber of Davenport, also competed in the five-year-old division of the kid’s pedal tractor pull finishing fifth in her division.

From Deshler, two competitors in Foods earned awards. Jean Lautenschlager earned a second place award for beets, a fifth place finish for whole tomatoes and a fifth place award for salsa. Sharon Anderson earned a fifth place award for apple butter.

And finally, representing Hebron, Gloria Bernadt earned a first place award in the crazy quilts division, a second place ribbon for mixed technique in quilts and a fourth place finish for a small pieced quilt.

Local 4-H youth represented Thayer County in fine form this year at the Nebraska State Fair. Listed below in alphabetical order are the 2011 4-H contest winners and the awards they won:

Molly Achterberg, Hebron, purple-original oil painting;

Brianna Barton, Alexandria, blue-muffins;

Isaac Baysinger, Bruning, purple-community service activity, purple-crop production display, purple-desert garden, purple-veterinary science, blue-jalapeno peppers;

Anthony Beavers, Carleton, red-wooden fin rocket;

Grace Brinegar, Hebron, purple-fabric accessory;

Anna Brueggemann, Hebron, purple-composition exhibit print;

Megan Bulin, Bruning, blue-specialty bread, red-storage box or rack;

Sara Bulin, Bruning, purple-toy made for preschooler, purple-veterinary science large animal display, blue-furniture, blue-coffee cake;

Josiah Burger, Davenport, red-detailed exhibit print;

Noah Burger, Davenport, blue-composition display, red-original pencil or chalk drawing;

Autumn Deepe, Deshler, red-biscuits;

Gregory Dightman, Hebron, purple-woodworking, blue-quick bread, blue-specialty rolls;

Jadyn Dightman, Hebron, red-whole wheat grain bread, red-foliage potted plant;

Kelsey Dightman, Hebron, purple-cultural foods exhibit, purple-purchased garment, purple-fabric covered furniture, purple-outdoor living accessory, blue-model purchased outfit;

Colton Fangmeier, Hebron, purple-dog obedience (novice), purple-dog showmanship, purple-intermediate dog skillathon, purple-recycled furniture, purple-framed picture, purple-quilt designs other than fabric, purple-lounge wear, blue-original pencil or chalk drawing, blue-tanned hides or taxidermy, red-dog agility level 2-b;

Morgan Fangmeier, Hebron, purple-original watercolor painting, blue-outdoor living furniture, red-original acrylic painting, red-skirted outfit;

Rachael Fangmeier, Hebron, purple-babysitting kit, purple-wall hanging, blue-veterinary science large animal display, blue-terrarium, blue-purchased garment, blue-fabric accessory, blue-other family exhibits, red-framed family photos, red-toy made for grade schooler, red-outdoor living furniture, red-wildlife knowledge check;

Ben Hintz, Hebron, blue-slicing cucumbers, blue-red potatoes, blue-sweet corn, red-red tomatoes;

Mariah Hintz, Hebron, blue-wall hanging;

Kylea Hintz, Hebron, purple-special events scrapbook, purple-embellished garment;

TaraLee Hudson, Belvidere, purple-textile clothing accessory, purple-intergenerational quilt, purple-fabric accessory, blue-simple home accessory, blue-outdoor living furniture, red-foliage potted plant;

Caleb Jalas, Deshler, blue-healthy snack;

Mackenzie Jalas, Deshler, blue-healthy snack recipe file;

Gabrielle Joe, Bruning, red-portrait exhibit;

Grady Joe, Bruning, red-recycled article for home;

Hannah Kerns, Hebron, purple-inter-generational quilt;

Chayton Koch, blue-poster-scrapbook-photo display;

Betsy Maschmann, Davenport, blue action display;

Ethan Meerkatz, Deshler, blue-disaster kit;

Elizabeth Meier, Deshler, blue-foam cake;

Kelby Mumm, Hebron, blue-first aid kit;

Madison Mumm, Hebron, purple-creative mixes, purple-babysitting kit, blue-family genealogy, blue-framed family photos, blue-other family exhibits, blue-level 1 quilted exhibit, blue-bedcover, red-lighting display;

Zachary Mumm, Hebron, purple-fabric accessory, blue-rocket, blue-woodworking article;

Regan Pohlmann, Deshler, purple-furniture, blue-metal tooling;

Rebecca Prince, Davenport, red-skirted outfit, red-recycled article for home;

Christian Reinke, Deshler, blue-large fowl, (2)blue-ducks, blue-goose, blue-dutch rabbit, red-large fowl;

Hope Reinke, Deshler, purple-havana rabbit, blue-special events scrapbook, (4)blue-large fowl, red-goose;

Matthew Reinke, Deshler, blue-dutch rabbit, blue-large fowl, (2)red-large fowl, (2)red-bantam chickens;

Triniti Reinke, Deshler, blue-havana rabbit, (2)blue-bantam chickens, (3)blue-large fowl;

Garrett Schardt, Davenport, purple-safety scrapbook, purple-cookies;

McKenna Schardt, Davenport, purple-white bread, blue-dinner rolls, blue-heirloom keepsakes article, blue-purchased garment, blue-lounge wear, red-make one buy one;

Lauren Schmidt, Deshler, purple-dog showmanship, purple-dog skillathon, purple-sewing for you, purple-recycled accessory, blue-dress, blue-level II quilted exhibit, blue-purchased garment, blue-graduate novice dog obedience, blue-dog agility Level 2b, red-coat/outerwear/jacket, red-Nebraska theme exhibit print;

Leah Schmidt, Deshler, purple-toy for toddler, blue-red potatoes;

Thomas Swoboda, Alexandria, blue-matering composition photography;

Tyler Van Cleef, Carleton, purple-advanced lighting photography, red-Nebraska theme exhibit print;

Taelyn Virus, Hebron, purple-garment constructed from original design fabric, blue-beginning novice dog obedience, blue-intermediate dog showmanship, blue-large fowl, blue-poultry showmanship, red-intermediate dog skillathon, red-bantam chickens;

Trelby Virus, Hebron, purple-senior dog showmanship, blue-level II quilted exhibit, blue-senior dog skillathon, blue-rabbit showmanship, red-holland lop rabbit;

Kalen Wenske, Byron, red-build a fishing rod; Briana Werner, Carleton, blue-challenging exhibit print; Hailey Wilshusen, Hebron, red-3-dimensional surface accessory.

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