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Sadly ‘World’s Largest’ status no longer belongs to Hebron

“Sorry, Hebron…this record is now mine,” says Rob Mahy of Meaford, Ontario, Canada, in an online blog dated Feb. 5, 2012. Mahy said he purposely built his porch swing larger than Hebron’s with the intention of claiming the ‘world’s largest’ title.

Beauty, the name he uses to describe his swing, is located in his front yard which is one mile west of Meaford. He says in his blog the seat length is 36 feet, the frame stands over 18 feet tall and the unit is freestanding with a 40’ x 11’ footprint.

And like Hebron’s porch swing, Mahy’s swing sits outside, uncovered. Well, until recently. Brad Kent (pictured above in blue shirt), of Kent Construction, has been in Roosevelt Park the last two weeks putting a porch on Hebron’s swing.

In March, the Revitalize Hebron committee decided to transform Hebron’s main attraction by adding the porch.

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