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School Board Approves for Community Garden

Last Monday, the Thayer Central school board approved a proposition to enter into a cooperative agreement with the City of Hebron to form a community garden or orchard.

According to Kurk Wiedel, elementary school principal and city council member, the garden could be used for agriculture and business classes and community service.

“We can work with high school and elementary schoolers with the process of growing it,” said Wiedel, though he acknowledges that it could be several years before the orchard would really be up and running.

However, it would be an investment.

“Students could come back here ten years from now and see it and say ‘I was a part of starting that,’” said Wiedel.

The property, located on first street, was bought and cleaned up by the City. The property is currently the biggest area of space the city owns for such a project.

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