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School Board Decides on Performance Criteria Developer Candidates

Last Thursday, the Thayer Central school board met once more to discuss candidates for a performance criteria developer (PCD), which, according to Nebraska legislation, is a licensed person or organization with authorization to practice architecture or engineering. The PCD is selected to assist an organization in the development of project performance criteria, requests for proposals, evaluation of proposals, evaluation of the construction under a design-build contract to determine adherence to the performance criteria, and any additional services requested by the organization to represent its interests in relation to a project.

Earlier that week, the board had met with several business representatives eager for the job. By the end of the interview process, the board’s top preferences were clear: Clark Enerson Partners, of Lincoln, and DLR Group, of Omaha.

Drew Harris, Thayer Central superintendent, made four phone calls each  for references.

“I felt that [Clark Enerson] came in the best prepared out of all the companies,” said Harris. “I think they showed the most sincerity.”

“What we have going for us is this is something that everyone is trying to get into,” said Curt Mumm, school board president.

Board member Mike Prellwitz was not as optimistic.

“Everyone presented designs,” said Prellwitz. “Are they going to back off the design process? That’s not what we’re paying them for.”

Others, however, saw this eagerness as a strength.

“I don’t see that as a negative … I think the more ideas we have the better … it could help us with the criteria,” said Brad Cooper, board member.

“Both mentioned wanting to get the public involved,” said Mumm.

Members also suggested the possibility of having one step into the role of PCD while the other company did the design/build.

When the time came to make a decision, the board rated the list of applicants: Clark Enerson coming in first and DLR coming in second. Mumm, Casey, Cooper, Craig and Hintz voted yes while Prellwitz voted against.

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