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Sewer rates likely going up – council gives wastewater plan go ahead

As was promised in June, Hebron City Council president Larry Fangmeier said sewer rates will likely go up due to plans to improve the wastewater facility in Hebron. During the Council’s regular monthly meeting this month, Fangmeier suggested raising rates ten percent across the board. City attorney Joe Murray said it would be the easiest way to do it, but since changing the ordinance wasn’t on the agenda, the City would have to wait until August to make the change.

Last month the Council agreed on a wastewater facility plan issued by JEO Consulting Group, Inc. The Group gave the City of Hebron a number of alternatives to be considered for the expansion or improvement of the existing wastewater system. The improvements will treat current ills with the system as well as take care of future wastewater flows and loadings…

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