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Thayer Central lunch servers, faculty react quickly after plastic is found

On Tuesday, Oct. 16, the Thayer Central lunch servers acted quickly when they noticed something unusual in the food they were serving. A shard of plastic was spotted in meat that the servers were using to prepare philly sandwiches for students.

“Once they discovered the plastic, we immediately stopped serving the sandwiches,” said Thayer Central superintendent Drew Harris.

The plastic found in the meat was a very small piece. Harris estimated that it was roughly a quarter inch long and the thickness of pencil lead. The piece was spotted in the serving tray.

Approximately 120 students had been served before the piece was found. The staff then prepared other sandwiches to serve to the remaining students.

The precautions didn’t stop there. Harris then contacted a local doctor to see what symptoms the staff and parents needed to look for in case a student had swallowed a piece of plastic.

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