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Thayer Central Teacher Wins Distinguished Service Award

Thayer Central teacher and Hebron High graduate Deb Bulin was awarded the Donald W. Miller Distinguished Service Award for “her contribution to the improvement of Mathematics Education in the State of Nebraska.”

“As I listened to the president of NATM read the letter, I thought this could be me,” said Bulin, who has been at Thayer Central for 20 years now. “Then when my colleagues from Beatrice got up to do their part and I definitely knew it was me because they talked about my cancer diagnosis last year.  One of them had on the pink ‘Mrs. Bulin’s  Army’ shirts with the number pink ribbon on the back that were sold last year for me.  It is a great honor to be named to this award. I had awesome math teachers in high school that instilled a love of math in me. I love teaching math and am always looking for new things to do in my classroom with my students to hopefully get them to enjoy math as well.  I find sharing ideas with others to be as helpful to me as it is to them.  I enjoy all the extra things I do, because in the long run it benefits my students.”

Bulin was also honored because she also had Don Miller as a professor at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. This award was presented by the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics.

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