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City council looks at drainage issue

City Council members moved to investigate costs for a drainage project on Lincoln Avenue Monday night during the regular August meeting. The project (No. 47) is part of the one- and six-year plan.

Last month, council member Beth Goldhammer contacted JEO Consulting Group, Inc., to see what the project might cost should the city turn it over to the group.

Project No. 47 includes replacing the existing 18” culverts underneath Lincoln Avenue with new 36” culverts. The culverts run 120 feet from one-half block north of Lincoln Avenue south along Nelson Avenue.  A portion of Lincoln Avenue will need to be removed for access to the culverts.

“I’m not sure we have the man power for this; our guys have pretty full schedules already,” Goldhammer stated which is why she turned to the consulting firm. “A project like this we need to do right the first time. I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone here, but I don’t know if we have the expertise to do this.”

Councilman Rich Koch disagreed stating he would like the opportunity to see if anyone locally could tackle the job thereby saving approximately $16,000 in engineering fees. Councilman Jay Bauer agreed. “Let’s see if someone here can do this. I like to stay in town and if no one can, then let’s go with JEO.”

Completion of Project 47 makes way for the paving of Nelson Street between Lincoln Avenue and Jefferson Avenue, a pet project of Goldhammer’s and one that has been on the city plan for years. Paving the gravel street which runs alongside Dollar General is designated as Project 50 and several years ago was estimated to cost approximately $76,000.

That project includes removing the gravel and grading for an eight-inch thick, 30-foot wide, 365-foot long (two blocks) concrete street.

In other business and at the request of Mayor Shane Day, Hebron Volunteer Fire Department Chief B.J. Linton gave a summary of calls and other voluntary activities at the department. “We’ve answered 90 calls since January; 12 in July,” he said. “Those 12 calls this month translate to about 100 man hours.”

Linton said the department has also raised approximately $6,000 through its two major fundraisers. “We sold about 900 hamburgers at the feed on July 4th,” he said.

The fire chief also updated the council on a grant for five new emergency sirens. “The grant is for $84,449 while the city will be responsible for $21,112,” he said. The grant covers removal and installation; electrical is separate. The city will review and move on the grant in September.

In further business, the council agreed to allow Thayer Central football teams space to practice on the north end of the ball diamonds since the old practice field at the school is under construction.

They also agreed to revise the ATV ordinance due to questionable vehicles currently on the assembly line. Deputy Kent Kriesel said length, weight, and width of some vehicles are over the limit of what constitutes an ATV. He also noted child safety issues wondering if young children should be allowed to ride in street-adapted utility vehicles and golf carts without car seats.

The council will address the ordinance at the September meeting.

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