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Davenport welcomes Clean Plumbing to town

The Davenport Community Foundation welcomed a new business to town, Clean Plumbing, LLC, owned by Chris and Danlynn Engberg.
A ribbon cutting was held in front of the Engberg’s new shop March 7.
The Engbergs took over Kleen’s Shop Plumbing of Ruskin Aug. 14 and officially changed the name to Clean Plumbing while moving it closer to home in Davenport.
Chris Engberg was initially an employee of Kleen’s and knew the business would come up for sale as he and his family moved to Davenport from Texas in the latter part of 2012.
The Engberg family had been looking to buy a home in Texas.
“Right around that same time, we got a call from some mutual friends of Penny Dornbierer’s, asking if we would like to purchase a plumbing company in Nebraska,” Engberg said.
Dornbierer and her husband, Steve, owned Kleen’s Shop Plumbing, which was a fixture in Ruskin for over 50 years.
Engberg and his family visited the Davenport area and concluded it was the community where they could run a business and raise their children.
They quickly purchased a home as well.
“Compared to living in the city, Davenport seemed so safe, peaceful and affordable. It wasn’t a hard decision to make the move,” Danlynn Engberg said.  
Chris Engberg said it made sense to relocate the business closer to home in Davenport. The Engbergs purchased the former grocery store in Davenport last summer to accommodate the move.
“We are very happy to have found a suitable building so close,” Danlynn Engberg said.
They changed the name to Clean Plumbing.
“We knew many locals had been using Kleen’s forever. We hoped the name “Clean Plumbing” would be similar to the old name so that, ideally, the transition would be seamless,” Chris Engberg said.
Through Kleen’s, Engberg acquainted himself with communities and residents. In addition, he received a good handle on each area’s specific plumbing needs.
The goal for Clean Plumbing is to continue the long history of solid service to communities, established by its predecessor. Services include all residential and farm plumbing needs — from faucets and remodels to digging and trenching.
Clean Plumbing is also a Ritchie brand dealer for livestock watering equipment needs.
A virtual receptionist answers calls at the business, which is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Callers may choose to leave a message or be directly connected to Engberg’s cellular phone.
Work orders may be submitted via the shop’s drop box at 106 Maple Ave., in Davenport.
The Davenport Community Foundation remains active in welcoming new business and retaining existing ones,  Foundation Board Member Loma Grone said.
The foundation is currently working on a three-phase project. The first phase was completed last year with new playground equipment.
The second and third phases involve the building which houses the medical clinic. The foundation owns the building and the clinic is staffed by Thayer County Health Services.
The building will eventually be gutted for a wellness center.

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